Form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Resolve disputes outside courts.

Banking & Bankruptcy

House & car loan Business finance Loan defaulter Other banking matters.

Business & Corporate

Registration of Private Limited Company Registration of Public Limited Company Filling of Statutory Forms Change of Name, Merger of Companies Amendments in Memorandum & Article of Association Reduction of Capital Increasement of Capital Liquidation Dissolution of Company Branch and Liaison Offices of Foreign Companies Partnership Joint Venture Company Policy Manual Code of Conduct Preparation and Registration of Agreements / Deeds / Contracts / Memorandum of Understanding Other Corporate Matters.

Civil Litigation

1st Class Civil Suit 2nd Class Civil Suit 3rd Class Civil Suit Trust Suit Summary Suit in District Court Summary Suit in High Court Defamation Suit Suit for Damages Tort Claims Trade Mark Suit Suit in District Court Suit in High Court Rent Case in District Court Immigration Cases Mis-Appropriation Cases Forgery and Cheating Cases Fraud & Forgery Cases Corruption Cases Special Cases Rectification Application Interlocutory Application First Rent Appeal in High Court Arbitration Appeal Mental Health Civil Revision in District Court Civil Revision in High Court Civil Appeal in District Court Civil Appeal in High Court SMA in District Court SMA in High Court Direct Complaint Private Complaint Transfer Application Petition Constitution Petition in High Court Constitution Petition in High Court Habeas Corpus Human Rights Petition Contempt of Court Departmental Appeal Execution in District Court Execution in High Court Summary Execution Civil Execution Appeal Election Appeal Election Petition High Court Appeal 1st Appeal 2nd Appeal, Insolvency Intra Court Appeal Labour Appeal Services Appeal Misc. Appeal Civil Misc. Appeal Service Appeal Review Application Civil References Encroachment Complaint Encroachment Suit Other Civil Litigations.

Commercial Litigation

Corporate Litigation

Criminal & Defense


Import ✿ export ✿ trade ✿ port taxes ✿ currency import & export and more.

Cyber Crimes

Phishing ✿ Spam ✿ Hacking ✿ Website Defacement ✿ Cyber Bullying ✿ Cyber Stalking ✿ Child Pornography ✿ Social Engineering ✿ Data Theft ✿ Identity Theft ✿ Compupter Viruses and Worms ✿ DoS Attacks

Easement's Rights

Beneficial enjoyment ✿ land ✿ remote advantage ✿ and more.

Employment Matters

Contract / Agreement of Employment ✿ Fired from Employment ✿ Salary and other Allowances ✿ Disability during Employment ✿ Other Employment Matters

Family Issues

Divorce ✿ Mutual Divorce / Talaq ✿ Khulla ✿ Child Custody ✿ Maintenance ✿ Recovery of Dower & Dowry Articles ✿ Restitution of Conjugal Rights ✿ Child Visitation ✿ Guardianship ✿ Parental Abduction ✿ Child Abuse ✿ Illegal Detention ✿ Domestic Violence ✿ Other Family Matters


Human Trafficking ✿ Foreign Employer Registration ✿ Overseas Employment Promoter Licence ✿ Transfer of Overseas Employment Promoter Licence

Income Tax

NTN ✿ Income Tax Returns ✿ Wealth Statement ✿ Reply of Show Cause Notices ✿ Audit Cases ✿ Appeals ✿ Other Income Tax Matters

Inheritance Matters

Heirship Certificate ✿ Succession Certificate for Moveable Property ✿ Letter of Administration for Immoveable Property ✿ Other Inheritance Matters

Intellectual Property

Registration of Trade Mark ✿ Registration of Copy Right and Patent ✿ Other Intellectual Property Matters

Labour Matters

Industrial and commerical laws ✿ factory ordinance ✿ forced labour ✿ child labour ✿ discrimination ✿ sexual harassment

Legal Notices

Draft Legal Notices ✿ Draft Reply to Legal Notices ✿ Draft Public Notices ✿ Issuance of Legal Notices


Dispute Resolution out of courts ✿ face-to-face mediation ✿ online mediation ✿ accredited mediators ✿ conflict management

Personal Injury

Road Accident ✿ Medical Malpractice ✿ Wrongful Death ✿ Professional Negligence ✿ Other Personal Injury Matters

Property Issues

Undivided Property ✿ Possession of Property ✿ Mutation of Property ✿ Registration & Transfer of Property ✿ Drafting & Registration of Gift Deed ✿ Relinquishment Deed ✿ Sale Agreement ✿ Sale Deed ✿ Conveyance Deed ✿ Lease Deed ✿ Extension of Lease ✿ Mortgage Deed ✿ Deed of Redemption ✿ Special & General Power of Attorney ✿ Other Property Matters.

Real Estate

The Transfer of Property Act, 1882 ✿ Land Revenue Act, 1967 ✿ Stamp Act, 1899 ✿ Registration Act, 1908 ✿ Investigate & verify title documents of the property ✿ Investigate & verify mutation in favor of the vendor

Rent Matters

Rent / Tenancy Agreement ✿ Rent Deposition in Court ✿ Fair Rent ✿ Ejectment of Tenant ✿ Other Rent Matters

Sales Tax

General Sales Tax (GST), Registration of Sales Tax, Sales Tax Returns, Reply of Show Cause Notices, Audit, Appeals, Other Sales Tax Matters

Service Matters

Shipping Matters

Short Landing of Cargo ✿ Loss of Cargo ✿ Damage and Contamination ✿ Tort of Conversion, Maritime liens ✿ Ship arrests and Releases from arrest, Collision ✿ Fire ✿ Grounding ✿ General Average and Salvage ✿ Shipbuilding ✿ Sale and Purchase of Vessels ✿ Charter Party Claims Bills of Lading disputes ✿ Ship owners liability ✿ Demurrage ✿ Over and under Invoicing issues ✿ Charter parties.

Tort Issues

Legal Liability ✿ Contractual Relationship ✿ Negligence & Medical Incompetence ✿ Damage Calculations

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