If a husband does not want to live with his wife so how can be marriage dissolved?
Husband can dissolve his marriage by way of Divorce.
If a husband and wife don't want to live with each other so how can be marriage dissolved?
If both parties are agree then can dissolve their marriage by way of mutual divorce.
How many types / kinds of separation?
There are three types / kinds of separation (i) Divorce (ii) Mutual Divorce (iii) Khulla.
What is mutual divorce?
In mutual Divorce both parties cannot live together as husband and wife and willing to dissolve their marriage then Divorce deed prepared with mutual consent and both parties sign thereon.
How can a wife get her dower / dowry / maintenance?
By filling a suit before court for recovery of dower / dowry / maintenance.
Who has a right of custody of children in case of separation / Divorce / Khulla?
Can be decided by mutual understanding otherwise law says girls live with their mother till the age of puberty and son till the age of 7 years.

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