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About Us

Delivering excellence

Insaaaf.com is positioned to serve all provinces and districts in Pakistan. We are covering metropolitan cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Quetta, Peshawar, and more. We believe in results. Insaaaf.com uses network of lawyers who are readily available in any area. We speak your language. We can speak local languages such as Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi, English, and other local spoken languages. Insaaaf.com constantly answers foreign based questions. If you are a foreign based Pakistani citizen or non-Pakistani citizen; we can easily handle your queries. All you have to do is email at help@insaaaf.com.


Our simple philosophy is to assist our clients with the law. We truly believe in educating our clients. This starts with the trust and communication. An attorney and client relationship enhances with communication, integrity, and trust. Insaaaf.com works very hard everyday to foster trust that leads to productive attorney and client relationship. If you believe you need assistance, you can always book us and we will guide you according to the law. We are the best law firm in Karachi. We work with single-minded dedication to assist you and achieve your goals. Our clients have access to all the lawyers across all the provinces and districts across Pakistan.


Our philosophy is based on clear communication and prompt service. Insaaaf.com is a client focused law firm. Your needs are priority. We have a dedicated team that understands your needs and requirements.


We are guided by the commitment to represent our clients in the most cost effective way. We have served our clients in the Karachi area for more than 17 years. It is our goal to provide highest quality of legal services.

Why choose insaaaf.com for your legal case?

We listen. The more questions we ask from you; the better we can understand your case. It's like communication with your trusted partner to get information.

We have pool of lawyers and legal associates who work in several cities and districts of Pakistan. We have networked with selected legal associates to answer your issues.

Just pick up the telephone, and call +92 (0) 213-489-0880 or email at help@insaaaf.com.

Our netwrok is spread across Pakistan. These legal associates have practical experience and are fully competent in handling of any case.

Our legal associates work with several law categories. Some are below.

Family Issues ✿ Divorce ✿ Khulla ✿ Child Custory ✿ Parental Abduction ✿ Child Visitation ✿ Restitution of Conjugal Rights ✿ Ilegal Detention ✿ Domestic Violence ✿ Heirship Certificate ✿ Inheritance Matters ✿ Possession of Property ✿ Rental Issues ✿ Taxation ✿ Income Tax ✿ Registration and Filing with FBR and Provincial revenue boards ✿ Registration of Private Limited Company ✿ Registration of Public Limited Company ✿ Filling of Statutory Forms ✿ Change of Name ✿ Merger of Companies ✿ Amendments in Memorandum & Article of Association ✿ Reduction of Capital ✿ Increasement of Capital ✿ Liquidation ✿ Dissolution of Company ✿ Branch and Liaison Offices of Foreign Companies ✿ Partnership ✿ Joint Venture ✿ Company Policy Manual ✿ and more. Please call us for more and we will send you list.

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How It Works?

1. We reply within 24-48 hours.

2. Email us or call us on specified time (Normal call ✿ WhatsApp).

3. Advise according to Law.

4. Inform you the legal position of your matter.

5. If you want to visit lawyer nearest your area for want of proceedings then you can contact our team member of his / her District.

6. We have approved Panel list of Lawyers.

7. Fee Transfer before work.

8. Work starts after receiving the professional fee.

9. If you have any questions then you can email us in detail.

10. If you are not satisfied on email then you can call us on specified time (Normal call ✿ WhatsApp).

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